Membership Category

•       Membership category available are Silver, Gold and Platinum

•       Membership Fee shall be nil for Silver, Rs.30,000/- for Gold and Rs.1,20,000 for Platinum

Membership Validity

•       Membership starts on the day of sign up & payment of applicable membership fee

•       The validity of membership is till the utilization of defined ‘’Loyalty Point’’ limit under respective membership category within 5 years from the date of the start of the membership

Loyalty Points Limit

•       Under respective membership category of GOLD & PLATINUM, total loyalty points  are limited to

a value of  Rs.3,00,000 & Rs.12,00,000/- respectively

On Exhausting the Loyalty Point Limit

•       Upon 100% utilization of defined limit and in order to enjoy earning uninterrupted  loyalty points,  the client may need to recharge the membership with the amount applicable for the respective membership category

•       In the event the  limit is fully utilized and not recharged, loyalty point % applicable if any  shall be that of Silver membership

Applicable Loyalty Point % & Redemption

•       Loyalty Point percentage may vary between one brand to another with respect to similar product category/domain

•       The same may be obtained through your respective Relationship Manager.

•       It is subject to change any time without giving any prior notice

•       Loyalty Points earned in the insurance & Mutual Fund subscription can be redeemed as additional loyalty points on (1)subscription of financial products such as loans, fixed deposit, stock trading etc. (2) Refer a Friend scheme

•       The minimum period for redemption  is 60 days or until the receipt of commission/brokerage from the respective principal organizations towards the respective product subscription


•       Financial Helpdesk holds no guarantee of acceptance of insurance proposals/policies, loan applications and account opening by any of the principal companies / Insurer / Banks / NBFC’s / AMC’s etc

•       Financial Helpdesk holds no responsibility incase  of delay in services in any manner

•       Financial helpdesk is financial product distribution company mainly the lead generator and mostly the fulfillment is done by the respective principal organizations