”Multi Asset Allocation” Funds Comparison

Scheme NameBenchmarkNAV RegularReturn 1 Year (%) RegularReturn 1 Year (%) BenchmarkReturn 3 Year (%) RegularReturn 3 Year (%) BenchmarkReturn 5 Year (%) RegularReturn 5 Year (%) BenchmarkReturn 10 Year (%) RegularReturn 10 Year (%) BenchmarkReturn Since Launch RegularReturn Since Launch BenchmarkDaily AUM (Cr.)
Axis Triple AdvantageNIFTY 50 Total Return(65.00), NIFTY Composite Debt TRI(20.00), Domestic Price of Gold(15.00)21.4516.0915.2910.2713.127.709.408.479.84286.02
Essel 3 in 1 FundNIFTY 50 Arbitrage(40.00), NIFTY 50 Total Return(30.00), CRISIL Composite Bond(15.00), London Gold(15.00)19.029.8112.406.509.636.518.067.618.4321.05
HDFC Multi Asset FundNIFTY 50 Hybrid Composite Debt 65:35(90.00), Domestic Price of Gold(10.00)33.639.7414.246.1812.286.589.278.629.668.79208.02
ICICI Prudential Multi Asset FundNIFTY 200 TRI(65.00), NIFTY Composite Debt TRI(25.00), London Gold(10.00)276.547.9812.309.6911.898.689.3511.5321.2911,833.32
Quant Multi Asset FundLondon Gold(34.00), CRISIL Composite Bond(33.00), NIFTY 50 Total Return(33.00)39.669.6617.235.2011.667.
SBI Multi Asset Allocation FundDomestic Price of Gold(34.00), CRISIL Composite Bond(33.00), NIFTY 50 Total Return(33.00)28.8410.8717.817.0511.748.
UTI Multi Asset FundS&P BSE 200 TRI(65.00), CRISIL Composite Bond(25.00), Domestic Price of Gold(10.00)34.954.7712.456.3411.984.869.566.999.8111.8914.55706.23
Multi Asset Allocation Funds Comparison Sheet.xls

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